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Dr. Michael Persinger - Publication Archive.

Reply to critics.

Newest (64 Coil) Helmet.

God Helmet
experiment replicated.

Spirituality & the Brain.

Video Lectures on Neurotheology.

Articles on Neurotheology.

God Helmet controversy.

Weak magnetic fields can
influence the brain.

Answer to a "Fake" or “Placebo” God Helmet project.

Lady Vampire episode of Paranormal State.

The God Helmet on "Paranormal-Lockdown", Season 3.

God Helmet on Youtube (1).

God Helmet
on Youtube (2).

Telepathy ("correlated cerebral events") Study.

A Reply to Gendle & McGrath on the 8 Coil Shakti.

Reply to "Neuroscience for the Soul" (
a response to critics).
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The God Helmet-
How it works.

Report from
European research group using (circumcerebral) Shiva Neural stimulation system, ...

... an
online report, and a video commentary
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Dictionary Of Affect in Language.

Out of Body experience induced in
less than 6 minutes.